Fan-Cast: Justice League Dark

…or Dark Universe. Guillermo del Toro recently turned in his script to WB for his film on JLD but isn’t sure if he will be directing the film due to other film commitments and the pace WB is going in building the DCCU. The rumored team line-up is Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Jason Blood, and Swamp Thing. Doug Liman was eventually announced as director but later dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. JLD is on DC’s current film slate, but we’ll see how long it takes to hit production.


John Constantine

Alexander S, Colin F, Colin OD, Daniel G, Domhnall G, Ewan M, Gabriel M, Harry L, Joe D, Jonathan RM, Joseph F, Michiel H, Rupert PJ, Sam H, William M.

Constantine would obviously be a part of JLD. Although Matt Ryan would have been great for the role in the movie ‘verse as well, he’s officially joined the CW’s DC universe. So we’ll probably get a new Constantine. Plus, rumors are Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor are favorites for the role, with Farrell in first. If not them, though, the rest of the fan-cast includes fans picks as well as mine!

*UPDATE – Matt Ryan removed as he will be returning to the role of Constantine in CW-verse. Dan Stevens removed due to casting in Legion. Patrick Wilson removed due to casting as Ocean Master. Ben Barnes removed due to casting in The Punisher. Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*


zatanna zatara

Adria A, Aiysha H, Alexandra D, Ana DA, Ania B, Astrid BF, Eiza G, Emilia C, Freida P, Gemma A, Karla S, Meghan O, Natalie D, Olivia W, Priyanka C, Rooney M.

I am super excited to see Zatanna on the big screen and I really want whoever they pick to be able to act the role well. I picked several actresses I think would work well and, as always, included some fan favorites for the role.

*UPDATE – Jenna Dewan-Tatum due to casting in Supergirl. Katie McGrath removed due to casting in Supergirl. Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans.*

JASON BLOOD (Etrigan the Demon)

Jason Blood Etrigan

Damian L, Daniel G, Danila K, Domhnall G, Eddie R, Eric B, Ewan M, Joel E, Leonardo D, Luke E, Richard A, Stuart T.

Jason Blood was a bit hard to fan-cast. I started off by incorporating fans ideas first then filled in my own ideas. I added Ewan to this fan-cast as well as it was rumored that if he wasn’t Constantine, they’d want him for Jason. Again, not sure how accurate these rumors are so take it lightly!

*UPDATE – Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*

DEADMAN (Boston Brand)


Alex OL, Cam G, Glen P, Jamie B, Jensen A, Joel M, Justin B, Kevin D, Luke E, Luke G, Matt B, Matthew G, Norman R, Stuart T, Wes B, Zachary Q.

Deadman was a bit easier to fan-cast than Blood, but I don’t know who I would like to see the most as the character. Like I always do, I used ideas I had and fans ideas. Vote in the poll who you could see as Deadman!

*UPDATE – Patrick Wilson removed due to casting as Ocean Master in Aquaman.*


Madame Xanadu

Amanda Westlake, Berenice Marlohe, Carla Gugino, Eva Green, Famke Janssen, Gemma Arterton, Lena Heady, Marion Cotillard, Monica Belluci, Noomi Rapace, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel Weisz

Amanda W, Berenice M, Carla G, Eva G, Famke J, Gemma A, Lena H, Marion C, Monica B, Noomi R, Olga K, Rachel W.

If there is one other character I want to see in the JLD movie it’s Madame Xanadu. As long as her inclusion makes sense. Age range is quite wide with this fan cast so I looked for fan’s picks and then added a few of my own ideas. Monica Belluci has been rumored to be a favorite at WB for the role but we’ll see…

Giovanni John Zatara


Swamp Thing


BLACK ORCHID (Alba Garcia)

Black Orchad Alba Garcia

Alexa V, Ana DA, Camila B, Camilla B, Diane G, Eiza G, Genesis R, Gina R, Jordana B, Maiara W, Melissa F, Natalie M, Sarah H, Seychelle G, Shay M, Sofia BD.

There are more than one incarnations of Black Orchid, and I’m not sure which DC plans to bring to the big screen. Alba, in particular, is the fourth version who is a part of JLD, which is why she’s part of this fan-cast. Let me know who you would pick!

*UPDATE – Odette Annable removed due to casting in Supergirl.*

DOCTOR MIST (Nommo Balewa)

Doctor Mist

Boris K, David O, Jimmy JL, Lance R, Peter M, Ricky W, Robert R, Taye D

I don’t know the likeliness we’ll see Doctor Mist any time soon…but why not fan-cast him given he does/did have a history with JLD. We’ve only seen Nommo in the now cancelled Constantine TV show so we’ll have to see how long it takes to see him again…It was hard to fan-cast him though, so let me know if I left anyone out!



Ana DA, Astrid BF, Daisy R, Emilia C, Emmy R, Gemma A, Jessica V, Kaya S, Maiara W, Phoebe T, Priyanka C, Rooney M, Saoirse R, Tatiana M, Troian B.

Pandora would be an interesting character to see in JLD, particularly given her long history. Plus, she has ties to the immortal Vandal Savage, possibly serving a neat tie-in from JLD to a JL movie. We’ll see what exactly will happen to this character though.


Doctor Fate

Clive O, Craig P, Daniel C, Domhnall G, Jason I, Jon H, Joseph F, Kevin M, Nikolaj CW, Richard A, Rufus S, Ryan G, Viggo M, Sam H, Zachary Q.

I don’t know where Doctor Fate would appear first in the DCEU but I think it’d be fitting if he popped up in a JLD movie. I’m going to guess Kent Nelson would be the Fate they go with but that could change.

*UPDATE – Mark Strong removed due to casting in Shazam. Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel. *

Now, JLD is currently without a director but it seems WB is actively looking for one with the film being part of the DC films slate. For fun, here are my top picks:

Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of WaterHellboy) – I know, I know. He left the film because of schedule conflicts. But perhaps he now has time with JLD having been delayed. Wishful thinking.

Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) – Having previously worked with WB and particularly on a magic-centered film, I think it’d be a mistake not to look into Cuarón directing JLD. He also won the Oscar for best director. So there’s that.

Alejandro González Iñárritu (The Revenant, Birdman) – Another Oscar winner, Iñárritu has an interesting directing style and I would love to see what he could do with JLD.

Louis Leterrier (Now You See Me, The Incredible Hulk) – Leterrier has had experience with action films, comic book films, and magic-based films and I think could do well with JLD.

Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman, Stardust) – Although WB is seeking out Vaughn for a Man of Steel sequel, I think that if that doesn’t work out JLD should be the next aim.

Michelle MacLaren (Westworld, Game of Thrones) – WB first hired MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman, but after some creative differences, left the project. I think that perhaps MacLaren could do a JLD film justice, instead.


justice league dark universe

As of Jan 4, 2017 – Colin Farrell then Alexander Skarsgard for John Constantine. Alexandra Daddario then Emilia Clarke for Zatanna Zatara. Luke Goss then Zachary Quinto for Deadman. Joel Edgerton then Jude Law for Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon. Monica Belluci then Eva Green for Madame Xanadu. Daisy Ridley then Saoirse Ronan for Pandora. Ana de Armas then Genesis Rodriguez for Black Orchid. Boris Kodjoe then Ricky Whittle for Doctor Mist.

My top-picks:

Justice League Dark fan cast

Constantine – Colin Farrell, Zatanna – Rooney Mara, Jason Blood/Etrigan – Joel Edgerton, Black Orchid – Gina Rodriguez, Deadman – Wes Bentley, Doctor Mist – Jimmy Jean Louis, Doctor Fate – Kevin McKidd, Madame Xanadu – Monica Belluci, Pandora – Saoirse Ronan

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TBA – Mind Warp, Phantom Stranger, Zauriel, Frankenstein, Nightmare Nurse, Amethyst, Andrew Bennett, Shade the Changing Man

18 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Justice League Dark

    • My picks for this are:

      Colin Farrell as John Constantine
      Gemma Arteron as Zatana Zatara
      Ewan McGreggor as Jason Blood
      Matt Bomer as Deadman
      Carla Gugino as Madame Xanadu
      Kaya Scodelario as Pandora
      Camila Banus as Black Orchid
      Boris Kodjoe as Doctor Mist
      Joseph Fiennes as Doctor Fate

      And I`m definantly sure they are what I want since I keep swapping Constantine`s actor.

      • Or I can take Carla Gugino out and put in Monica Belluci because I sorting Madame Xanadu`s actress as well.

        Colin Farrell as John Constantine
        Gemma Arteron as Zatana Zatara
        Ewan McGreggor as Jason Blood
        Matt Bomer as Deadman
        as Madame Xanadu
        Kaya Scodelario as Pandora
        Camila Banus as Black Orchid
        Boris Kodjoe as Doctor Mist
        Joseph Fiennes as Doctor Fate

  1. I like the suggestion for Colin O’Donoghue as Constantine. After “Once Upon a Time”, I can easily see it.

    By the way, here’s some suggestions:

    Jessica Lowndes as Zatanna
    Salma Hayek as Madame Xanadu

  2. My picks for this are:
    Neil Patrick Harris as Constantine
    Eiza Gonzalez as Zatanna
    Luke Evans as Jason Blood / Ronald M Banks as the Voice of Etrigan
    Alicia Vikander as Black Orchid

    I love your website. I’m so glad you’re back

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