Looking Forward: Top 20 Movies in 2016

It’s that time of year again! This is my second year in the Looking Forward series and what it consists of is my top anticipated films of the new year. 2016 has a lot of interesting movies coming out, much more than 2015 had. So prepaped to go broke! I would like to remind everyone that this is just my opinion and I would LOVE to hear others top 20 (or top 10) of 2016!

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New Batman v Superman trailer!

The new BvS trailer premiered during Jimmy Kimmel tonight! It’s action packed and reveals more of the rivalry and the psychological ploy of Lex Luthor…Plus how Wonder Woman comes in.

That Trinity look is a winner! And I’m glad we finally know who/what the real villain is…Obviously Luthor is a prominent one but it looks like Doomsday is as well…Unless their battle with Doomsday leads to Justice League Part One…That was a popular rumor before after all!

TBA – Trailer shots + commentary!