Kristen Wiig is Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2

Not too long ago Kristen Wiig was reported by Deadline to be in negotiations for the role of Cheetah in the Wonder Woman sequel. Today, the director has officially confirmed her casting.

Cheetah, aka Barbara Minerva, is one of Wonder Woman’s most notable villains. Wiig (Interstellar) has reportedly been Jenkins’ favorite for the role for awhile now.

Kristen wiig cheetah wonder woman

Today, director Patty Jenkins officially confirmed her casting on Twitter. Gal Gadot was also quick to welcome the actress to the sequel. In case you aren’t familiar with the character (what?!), Vulture puts it together nicely. Still, it goes unconfirmed what version exactly we’ll be getting with Wiig’s Cheetah. But if done right, she could prove a great villain.

The rumored setting is in the 80s during the Cold War. Production was last rumored to begin at the end of May in the United Kingdom. The current release date is set for November, 1 2019. No other casting has been confirmed yet.

If you like fan-casting, here’s a link to the Wonder Woman one!

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