Fan-Cast: New Gods

Ava Duvernay was recently reported to direct DC’s New Gods film! Although it isn’t clear how far into the project Duvernay is, we could potentially build a fan-cast while we wait for more announcements!

Now here’s the thing with this film. It’s not clear if it’ll be part of the DC films universe. For now, I’m fan-casting like it is. New Gods has the capability of acting on it’s own for awhile, kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy with the MCU, and then could make an appearance on Earth much later in the franchise.




Adria A, Aiysha H, Alexandra D, Alison B, Ana DA, Antonia T, Astrid BF, Camilla B, Genesis R, Jordana B, Kimiko G, Kristin K, Natalie D, Olga K, Priyanka C, Tatiana M.

In the comics, Bekka lived with her father in secret on Apokolips, later moving to New Genesis with Orion. She helped with Orion’s anger, and would later become his wife, but tragically dies. The New 52 does rewrite her story so I’m not sure which direction the film will go for her character.

Big Barda

Big Barda

Abbey L, Adrianne P, Alyssa S, Berenice M, Caitriona B, Charlize T, Famke J, Gaia W, Gwendoline C, Jodi LO, Katherine W, Olga K, Paula P, Pollyanna M, Rachel N, Tamsin E.

Whoever they cast as Barda better be…big. It’s hard to find tall actresses but these ladies do come close and kick-ass. Duvernay has said that Barda is one of her favorite superheroes so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her kick a lot of a** in the film.



Anthony H, Charles D, Christoph W, Daniel C, Donald S, Gerald B, Hugh L, Javier B, Liam N, Michael G, Piers B, Ray S, Sean B, Stephen L, Viggo M.

Highfather and Darkseid have a long history, which includes exchanging their own sons to live with them. Highfather, then, raised Orion. The New 52 did rewrite some of his backstory, but I’d imagine Duvernay will stick with the original.

Lightray (Solis)

Lightray Solis

Alex P, Ansel E, Armie H, Diego B, Domhnall G, Eddie R, Ed H, Garrett H, Jakob O, Jeremy S, Mike V, Ryan G, Sam H, Taron E, Timothee C, Zac E.

A fun and light (no pun intended) contrast to his friend Orion, Lightray is another New God from New Genesis. Considering his close relationship to Orion, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the film, although to what extent I don’t know.

Mister Miracle (Scott Free)

Mister Miracle Scott Free

Aidan T, Armie H, Diego L, Domhnall G, Edgar R, Eric B, James M, Jared P, John C, Josh D, Keanu R, Matthew G, Milo V, Rami M, Wes B, Zachary Q.

Again, Highfather and Darkseid exchanged sons as part of their peace pact and Scott, the son of Highfather, ended up living on Apokolips. Many probably best know him as the partner of Big Barda (and vice versa).

*UPDATE – Jake Gyllenhaal removed due to casting in the Spider-Man sequel.*



Andrew L, Charlie H, Clive O, Domhnall G, Eric B, Edgar R, Joel E, Kevin M, Omari H, Richard A, Trai B, Zach M.

The son of Darkseid, Orion was traded with Highfather’s son as part of a peace pact between New Genesis and Apokolips. Orion has quite the rage and anger, which Highfather helped him cope with.



Aidan T, Anthony H, Charles D, Christoph W, Donnie Y, Isaiah W, Jimmy JL, Lance R, Matthew G, Oded F, Ralph F, Viggo M.

Metron is neither bad nor good, and does not hail from either New Genesis or Apokolips. He is credited for creating New Genesis, but also for being part of the cause of the war between the two worlds. He’d be a pretty important figure to add into the film, although how he’ll interact is up to Duvernay’s script.

*UPDATE – Joaquin Phoenix removed due to casting in the solo Joker origin film.*


The only member already cast is Steppenwolf, played by Ciaran Hinds in the Justice League movie.



Andre B, Charles D, Clive O, Denzel W, Jason I, Jeff B, Kevin G, Ray S, Richard A, Ron P, Sean B, Ving R.

Darkseid hails from Apokolips, who traded his son Orion with Highfather’s son as part of their peace pact. If DC/WB wants to beat Marvel at the villain game, introducing and developing who Darkseid (and others from Apokolips) are through this film are a good first step. Whoever does portray Darkseid should have an intimidating voice and presence.

Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness

Cloris L, Fionnula F, Helen M, Kim B, Joely R, Kathy B, Kim B, Louise F, Meryl S, Michelle F, Monica B, Susan S.

GG is probably the hardest to fan-cast, and I’m really curious to how they’ll approach the character in the film.

For now, I don’t plan on casting any Female Furies…

Future characters TBA: Himon, Desaad, Kalibak, Tigra, Glorious Godfrey, Avia, more…


New Gods fan cast

As of July 2, 2018 – Charles Dance for Highfather, Aidan Turner for Mister Miracle, Zach McGowan for Orion, Jeff Bridges for Darkseid, Lance Reddick for Metron, Gwendoline Christie for Big Barda, Diego Boneta for Lightray, Kimiko Glenn for Bekka, Kathy Bates for Granny Goodness.

My top picks:

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