Looking Forward: Comic Book Films 2017


Here’s the timeline for comic book films coming out next year! We haveĀ 3 from Marvel/Disney, 2 from WB/DC, 1 from Fox/Marvel, and 1 from Fox/Icon. There are probably more adaptations out there I’m missing but these are the ones I’ll likely end up seeing. Now the question here is which of these 7 am I looking forward to most? Which will see critical success and which will see box office success? Here’s what I think (and let me know what you think)!

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Looking Forward: Comic Book Films in 2016

2016 comic book films timeline

Here’s a timeline of comic book films coming in 2016! Two from Marvel/Disney, three from Marvel/Fox, and two from DC! Each are shaping up for the biggest year (yet) for comic book films! There is no doubt they will be dominating the box office in 2016. But who will be the best? Let’s discuss that as well as which I’m looking forward to most along with most looking forward to (new) characters!

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Looking Forward: Top 20 Movies in 2016

It’s that time of year again! This is my second year in the Looking Forward series and what it consists of is my top anticipated films of the new year. 2016 has a lot of interesting movies coming out, much more than 2015 had. So prepaped to go broke! I would like to remind everyone that this is just my opinion and I would LOVE to hear others top 20 (or top 10) of 2016!

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Looking Forward: Top 20 Movies of 2015

Spiffy title ey? Honestly, I may change it if I think of a better one. Anyways, this list is a list of movies I’m most looking forward to in the new year (aka 2015)! The list wasn’t too hard to make, the order of what ones I want to see most was, however. Also, this is NOT perfect because 1) There are many movies coming out in 2015 2) I was too lazy to investigate every single one 3) I may update. Maybe. To make things easier and so you didn’t have to scroll forever, the bottom 10 will be put in a collage and then the top 10 will be single along with…well, you’ll see! Anyways, here’s my Top 20!

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