Birds of Prey finds its Black Canary and Huntress!

After what seemed like forever, we finally have confirmation on the casting of Birds of Prey members, Black Canary and Huntress. The film is a spin-off from Suicide Squad being executive-produced by Margot Robbie, who will return in the film as Harley Quinn.

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Looking Forward: Comic Book Films 2017


Here’s the timeline for comic book films coming out next year! We have 3 from Marvel/Disney, 2 from WB/DC, 1 from Fox/Marvel, and 1 from Fox/Icon. There are probably more adaptations out there I’m missing but these are the ones I’ll likely end up seeing. Now the question here is which of these 7 am I looking forward to most? Which will see critical success and which will see box office success? Here’s what I think (and let me know what you think)!

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Blog Update

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an update on here. I’ll keep this short – I’ve been trying to update all my fan-casts and create new ones, along with keeping up with news on movies and shows. But I wanted to let everyone know that things may slow down as in a month I’ll be in another country for a year. So if you request something, can’t guarantee I can do anything. I’ll be doing what I can but my usual activeness will be less than normal. Thanks for following, however, and hope you continue to do so!

Fan-Cast: Green Arrow/Black Canary movie

In my opinion, I think WB/DC should consider a Green Arrow/Black Canary team-up film. Although I think both could do a solo film, a team-up would be smarter, especially considering that they both work together and are in a relationship – you can’t really have one without the other. It’d be pretty cool if we got a Green Arrow/Lantern team-up film but I’m not sure if it’ll work in the cinematic universe DC is building…

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A Talk About Movies + Critics

It’s absolutely no secret that critics are there to review movies. That’s their jobs. Sure you can base judgement for what they have to say on upcoming movies to see if it’s worth the money but in my opinion, seeing movies for yourself to gather your own judgment is more ideal. I believe biases affect everyone’s opinions on movies, which is why I refuse to base whether I see a movie or not from what critics have to say. Sometimes I find myself questioning how they got the job from previous movies I’ve seen that were great and they rated negatively and vice versa. What is important is this – movies are created for the audiences’ entertainment. They’re made because fans asked for it or someone has a story they want to tell. Maybe your form/definition of entertainment takes different forms from critics/other people see/want, and that’s okay. Watch the movie you want to, form your own opinion, whatever. Because at the end of the day, we’re all watching a film and  we all have our own opinions to share. Whether one person likes/dislikes a movie that differs from you, it shouldn’t matter or “deeply effect” either of you because your own opinion should matter to only yourself. Stop with the flame wars against fans/viewers of particular movies that you disliked or to critics who review negatively of movies you liked. Movies are here to enjoy, not spread hate and discontent.

Fan-Cast: Avatar The Last Airbender Part One

This fan-cast is going to be a bit different from my previous ones. This is a non-voting post and is purely my opinion on a new Avatar live-action film. I call it “Part One” simply because there are three “books” (seasons) of the series. In my opinion, the creator should split each season into two movies, so there would be six total. This way, its not a sloppy mess like the previous attempt. I think three is too much for each season and that two each would nicely fit each story line. Now this “Part One” is in fact characters from the first season ONLY. I will update this later with Part Two and Part Three however…If you’d like to share your ideas for a live-action, please comment! I love to hear others’ ideas!

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Fan-Cast: Man of Steel sequel

WB is looking to bring us a Man of Steel sequel, but are taking their time to find the right story and director. Last reports said that Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman) was discussing with the studio of potential ideas.

Man of steel

Superman – Henry Cavill, Lois Lane – Amy Adams, Perry White – Laurence Fishburne, Jimmy Olsen – Michael Cassidy (deceased), General Swanwick – Harry Lennix, Carrie Ferris – Christina Wren, Lara Lor-Van – Ayelet Zurer (deceased), Jor-El – Russell Crowe (deceased), Jonathan Kent – Kevin Costner (deceased), Martha Kent – Diane Lane, General Zod – Michael Shannon (deceased), Faora-Ul – Antje Traue (Phantom Zone), Doomsday (deceased), Lex Luthor – Jesse Eisenberg, Senator June Finch – Holly Hunter (deceased).

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